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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a woman killed in a crash that also knocked out power to hundreds of residents. and magic johnson response to the remarks made against him by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. this is the bay area's new station. kron4 news that six thirds now. good morning on darya folsom and i'm james fletcher carried on to start the weather by it all-assert the hour by talking about the weather. it will be the hottest day. the >>erica: and that's right. it is expected to be four and six degrees are more than what we experienced yesterday's selling is it going to be the hottest day of the week and looks like is shipping to be the hottest day of 2014 thus far. for record-breaking
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highs definitely in the forecast. started things off from our mount tam cam. this clear conditions on this wednesday morning and looks like temperatures have really started to drop off where now in the '50s for oakland san jose san francisco now at 65 degrees. if we will seek to worry about eighties by lunchtime in debt by three and afternoon check this out for 101 anny @ 100 degrees in pleasanton low to mid 90s along the east bay's shoreline and 92 degrees in downtown san francisco sea yesterday we did have a little bit of a sea breeze above the when component is going to change. will see more of an off shore flow and debt offer temperatures to warm up as a head into the rest of the day. first with that what it's going to be warmer than it in looks like today is going to be are really the last of that warming trend has temperatures will start to trail off as we have to thursday and friday of a full look into your forecast
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later on. >>: what we want to check grew quickly kron4's will tran temperatures topping the century mark people are going to be looking for a way to beat the heat so he went out to emerald green water park where a will use in a moment ago it is expected to get to to 101 night and that was one to be packed three it found >>darya: it probably will be packed as note morning was on. a little bit of advice. i made the mistake of leaving my house and in other part of the east bay and was more. so this is all i have some so a should get hot. i'm at the park right now as you can see it as dry as a bone. a little bit later it will turn three that we do expect a lot of people to show up. the water is we are going through the drought rang out. it's the worst drought we've seen in 90 years. there are farm land on the center valleys.
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nonetheless 3 here's a water being used at parks like this all over california. all over the bay area to keep people cool as it. of course people are not thinking about that. at the moment they're usually thinking of staying cool. parks like this will be available as the morning lows on. you can see this and the right now. we expect a lot of people to show up. probably will be as high. there are going to be finding creative ways to stay cool. thanks a lot for the reports. heat advisory is in effect. if it's also a spare the air day. colon
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centers are open today are around the bay. as well as separate parts and some cities. when you're going to that list of things. but get a look at the commute. >>: hi darya 3 it's already in full swing and the bay bridge toll plaza where the leading lights were activated. about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. were already back to west grand avenue and once again today we are running at a very slow rate to. having " some will be faced with another bid back up. try to drive time is running 18 minutes now $3 a quick to jump from the early morning nine months ride. senior claire commute check. 58 is added
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through the out on past the slow traffic here is confined to an accurate and has the air reeked was or towards low pass it is reopened for your commute this morning. when there is video of the fire. this was reported around 5 surrogate. the chp started from sparks and wrong when and as you see it lost control. no one was hurt, but the sparked a fire and as we talked about earlier in the week it is an early start to put it out pretty quickly.
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>>: there is are there are a couple facile and fires. in southern california or it is on his as does and what barbara. photos hundred people evacuated from their ranch and their phones also closer to town s i street there's been evacuations. fire fighters of the working around the clock. this is through the canyons and of the santa barbara. several hundred acres have burned in the fire and then the other fire as other california is in san diego county and officials have called off 20,000. 800 a. terrines but near the fairbanks ranch area tree that temperatures today and that area expected to be in
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the '90s. state water officials are looking to tap water stores just east of fresno three the this is the first time in decades and hot weather has police warned residents to keep their eye on their valuables. caught to camera two men on keller breaking through what and when he called police. for the time they got their those men were gone. if they didn't do anything in that case but they have been breaking into homes it's hard to say if
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they we're out of town. here's a closer look now, and a man who didn't give away with anything valuable and as most recent break-in. but there's still wanted when they're not, and intending during the day to leave the windows cracked rear house doesn't get too hot. but as you can see proposal using including hot weather to their advantage. coming up on the kron4 morning news a truck driver's matches right through the tv station thrift will show you where it happened and why police say house and it's going to
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morning problems bart is back on time with no delays. caltran reporting opera problems on the peninsula. as we take a look at temperatures around the bay area tripled and it's the hottest day of the week. and at 101. upper 90s were napa and santa rosa.
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friend rider and 5 months old cable puppy to you can see is camping away trying to stay very close. please you to share how your and during the heat and suffering or in joint cooling-off you could send it to us that i report for kron @ kron4 dark, and we'll show goes on the air or on our facebook page. as we continue to sell our crews are cooling off period i think i'm going to go to the beach again. it was a mess yesterday. today will be even warmer. i suspected the more people will be heading to the beaches. right now very mild conditions temperatures mailing and the
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'60s. quick warming theory that looks like we can already be and the '90s. not only are we talking about the warmest temperatures of the week but of 2014. but go straight to the numbers. plenty of a triple digits for the east bay inland spots. hundred and 1 degrees 3 it's and oakland and 94. no surprise to have that he did pfizer and affect 3 it's a record-breaking heat still a possibility. if, in fact tempt the of missing
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temperatures. as we look ahead cooler weather as ahead to tomorrow the still holding on to the heat inland. if you're on the go download the kron4 news app in the give you an easy way to access temperatures right at your fingertips. 618 is the time right now let's talk traffic with the george. that is erica. all major incidents three of the we do have a back up already and the bay bridge toll plaza. 12 its engine towards it. drive time at last check 80 minutes for the westbound ride and even the 80 the ramp is starting to back up toward the top of the raft to we're definitely seeing slower traffic as we have
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for the last several weeks for the westbound a bridge ride through it for the westbound sam to go ride to early to see things back up. about an hour from now because the bridge to reach capacity. currently looking at a and 13 minute drive times. problem free no delays. but drexel drive times for you. 80 minutes and offer a released berkeley. to his desk or brokerage from time to time you'll see some slowing here from north bound for but not a major back up. and no backup for the lead through marin county it for the one
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on a southbound ride. off the shelf since allied george street happening now with reports of villagers and nigeria have killed and arrested scores of suspected boko haram militants. if this is the group that kidnapped nearly 300 rose last month and continues to hold many of them hostage. the proposal is a lawyer's term vigilantes state of the nigerian government is not doing enough so they're taking matters into their own hands. the group is still attacking not muslims so they are trying to capture them. >>: happening now of the act up a lot of the trial of the olympic track star oscar pistroius is on hold because he is in a mental facility. his lawyers have the senate that he has to anxiety and that has affected his trial. >>: up more than 200 people
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remain trapped in a coal mine and an explosion when fire yesterday that killed 230 miners or that were nearly 800 and son. less than half of them rescued when this stuff for glass haven't read that likely raise the death toll because there are more miners inside the mind than usual. >>: and right now the film or test descended on the french riviera for the 67th annual cannot film festival thrift the largest most movies are filled still up festival periods countless what skills are bought and sold through the grace kelly and grace of monaco opens at the festival today to find a co kidman plays grace kelly during her marriage to prince rainier the third through monaco 3--nicole kidman. the daughter has been criticized the film saying that it is inaccurate. we will do the reviews are like. --cannes
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film festiva.
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trading. i had seven pretty low. if financial expert rob black coming up in 915. he was about one is as losers. live here and the weather center. hot hot is it three >>erica: 101 degrees that's pretty far out grid and the closer to the bay area mostly 90s to expect so it's on to the little warmer than yesterday. we want and as he agrees to help us along the coastline. plenty of the troubled digital expected around the bay area's of not only are we going to see 100 and antioch. take a look at livermore 3101 their 99 in concord. lot 90s for downtown san francisco. are already seeing a lot of sunshine clear skies. this is a live look from our rose cameron temperatures are ready in the '50s. we will continue to see warmer weather and an increase in
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offshore wind. we have a heated by is in effect until 8:00 and nice if i have for details on that involving forecast loss of the highlighting the relief on the way. all that coming up in about 15 minutes and >>george: thanks erica. it's a hot spot now and that's the bay bridge ride westbound grid for here we are we're already backed up into the macarthur maze the back up from high winds on the floor now 23 minutes. that is a rough commute so early in the morning. c interstate 8580 and even the nimitz freeway it is better approaches. all are beginning to slow print for monitoring an accident in the south bend and certainly has the potential to become a hot spot. " crash occurring at a bid to land story road trip and have a hunch that the centers are a
6:32 am
little slow to release of the states and indicate the length of the back up. i think it's already a little slower for one-on-one north bound and it appears here. >>: thanks to george 631. richmond police are looking into a high-speed crash that killed a woman and caused a power outage of remind near the intersection of garden boulevard was very ave. if kron4's mike houghton is live at the scene with margaret and >>darya: >>: if you hear from the man who tried to save the woman's life but here at this thing happened just a short distance behind the along the northbound lanes of gerardo boulevard tourists pg&e crews worked to restore power us they have cleared the scene this morning as has that car been towed away. since last night. here's what looked like just after 931 police say a woman driving a green ford mustang lost control of our car and wound up crashing into a park " discipline said she was driving very fast his speed was likely factor in the
6:33 am
crash. so the car belonged of slamming into a power pole print emerged as it cruised declared on a dead at the scene. if they believe that was involved last night and i just spoke with one man who heard the crash and rushed over to try to pull the woman from the car. >>: we tried to get the person out. but you couldn't. this receipt of fire. we are back off what not. and why girls are out there screaming. >>: a new track together out but we couldn't. >>: as a result of the crash and birds of 750 minutes lost power. pg&e crews during the dinkins had out
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s 44 is a tough lending to this is the if for a lot of folks took to the beaches to beat the heat. kron4's terisa estacio continues the team coverage and ocean beach where people are already looking for this increase to help cool the law. good morning everyone
6:45 am
is still pretty early but already keep on coming out here to ocean beach and they were taking features of this take a look at how pitiful long as right now reside people taking pictures a lot of people can alter if so that they could meet the key if i found this guy out there with a dog he said it was important to give his dog out there for some exercise's and because of the warm weather dog lies in getting down. on monday as he loved this one. spot he gets a chance to cool down the state. he is better to have him out here now as opposed to later. it's one to be a hot one. yes, today. what do you do to beat the heat report that the idea of here early. when harry nilsson be asked to assist us in a kron4 news. but judging by like a 9:00 it's going to be too hot. yet by
6:46 am
hancock will already said temperatures in a '70s here in soft lot to probably get into his needs and to take her out temperatures and into the upper 80s and my own advice and guidance to the is don't resembles bring your sneakers. the sand is exceptionally high it spent to boldin this inland. like i mentioned we are talking about someone and his readings of the year as far. and half 101 of livermore and to that caused a high and is in triple digits aunt was necessary if we will see how this temperatures of the year thus far you can see clear conditions speaking of three
6:47 am
this afternoon 96 degrees in mountain view 99 at los gatos looks like a scene century margaret in an evergreen and perhaps the all terribly as well was a similar conditions and east bay total sunshine fairfield looks like it looks like temperatures will be in a lot 90s there, very had to weather be sure to his sunglasses your head but the rules it will and other end into tomorrow with a dramatic will not heading into saturday and sunday to look like carrots and forecasts into a little something for everyone keeps
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a minute and a tear up the top of hot weather this week he concluded his information and kron4 and hope and fear of ago when the load the kron4 news is freeze easy and it gives you instant access to everything in me since 48 is the bay bridge is as a hot spot because of the early inland the back up a specialist on highway 24. all too high with 2480 manti children's hospital of to broadway. a 20 minute drive time and it continued to climb. for four separate the warring shore freeway is getting heavy. the and it is your best approach to the bridge and it is backed up in here. at still problems here in 10138 commute time as a drive over to foster city where in your ride on
6:49 am
why no on the golden gate bridges and nancy looks good there's no problem with the ride home on southbound car bomb traffic from the presidio parkway also looks good as well through check in some drive times for it as well as with the teacher freeway if a team has released a month later it still getting slower and hundred ride on 680 self hundred and san ramon valley where problem free gift business is starting to back up southbound leading down through snow drifts and your ride through san jose 3 interesting as hot spot if caught on north bound to read on story road and into the back up is going to drive time now 22 minutes if it should be about 14 to 16 here for the north bound ride from the capitol expressway up to the house to express what 3 ft. the of the bay trafficking and here is starting to slow early for the south mall will continue its. were already over 35 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge pitfall as 649
6:50 am
only on cry for health officials are telling and eight area safeway to he restored to leave or we will shut down areas of this or that are not. kron4 first reported on high risk of violations last week and actors they fell to correct many of the errors the health department ordered the grocer to the attend an abatement tearing through kron4's dan, was there and has more in story you'll listen kron4. >>dan: after finding high risk health violations not once but twice in a 50 day. as san francisco's, safeway, the grocer was brought before the public health department's director of environmental health tuesday to explain. >>: we take this very seriously and electronics and we do apologize for this we apologize that the took this long to get our attention but to have our attention that the violations are anything but routine. in fact they're high risk because they can lead to food borne illnesses.
6:51 am
>>: i saw hands not clean and improper hand washing. and proper gloves used three employees now watching their hands. soo's service is tackling our santa's eyes. are they also had improper hot and cold holding temperatures said when says all issues have been corrected strict equipment has been repaired or replaced and if police have been retrained and improper food handling practices 3 >>: we have taken corrective action on several of the employees that were unable to understand what the proper hand washing issues a lot of retraining has been done. >>: i'm a little perplexed here safeway said that they do it one hour training for each of their staff and there's overside yet we continue to see these recurring of violations of that is to stop immediately. >>: to make sure is a slate nose to help our means business safely has been put on notice. if we see that they they're the same violations that are
6:52 am
occurring and are we are going to be closing those pacific apartments. the department of public health is expected to return to reinspect safely in diamond heights sometime this week. again any violations found during that time or in the future could result in certain departments be shut down in san francisco dan carmen kron4 news 3 on the bay area baseball the a's did some great pitching to go along with sen incredible offense yesterday street three relievers combined on a four hit shutout as the oakland a's beat the white sox 9 to 0 for their six consecutive loren, rents and went to function up for his are back on his hands with another stellar fund and in to his chicago. he struck a career high 812 and gave up just three hits. all of them singles. >>: it's just the opposite across the bay where the giants were shut out at home against the braves. if this is the first time in five games atlanta has beat san
6:53 am
francisco. why an vogelsong only giving up one run in the first five innings to lead atlanta blue again both the industry runs 56. and i don't forget about sports night live every sunday carol kron4 with the latest of all of your favorite teams across the board. in fact we have the latest with the court warriors new head coach. for the going to get. and i'm going to talk to gary about that coming up 745. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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it look into this video for it for 4¢ after reviewing the video the police lassitude to the hospital and doctors removed the drug packets conviction we've got what is down to have to say about what donald sterling says about him. the top of the things we talked about with gary.
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7:00 happening now and deadly accident in the east bay. it won a killed in a crash that knocked out power to hundreds of residents. and grabbed the sunscreen and because it's going to be another hot one out here for the entire bay area. i'll be breaking down just how high it's going to get coming up. this is the bay area's new station kron4 news at 7 start to now good morning i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. taiwan not only is this the warmest day of the week but this is these are the warmest temperatures of the year. temperatures manley and the is 5


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